We are the most hard working advertising team in the industry.

Let our professional team assist you with all your advertising needs. Resort Owner Resales does not sell resorts. Our job is to put buyers, sellers and renters together by doing the maximum amount of advertising to draw potential buyers and renters to our website. The more people who see your advertisement, the more opportunity to rent or sell your resort. Resort Owner Resales is an advertising company and not a real estate broker. So when you sell or rent your property you are not paying expensive broker fees or commissions. We do not have a specific buyer or renter at the present time. Travelers come to Resort Owner Resales to rent or buy resort units directly from owners, often at tremendous savings compared with hotels or dealing with resorts themselves. No commission, No middleman, and no tours. Ever.

Why Rent a Resort?

You may have asked yourself, why would I rent a resort week instead of just contacting a hotel? Resorts offer condo-style accommodations perfect for traveling with friends and family. You can often rent much larger units for a fraction of the standard hotel pricing as you are taking advantage of someone else's discount travel accommodations. On resortownerresales.com resort rentals and resales are available directly by owner, giving you the best deals on vacation resorts. Without ever going through a sales tour or paying resort prices.

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